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Steeldeck® Portable Platform Rentals

Chesapeake Shakespeare Company

Mirage® benches were installed in Chesapeake Shakespeare Company’s new home. This is the landmark 1885 Mercantile Trust building in downtown Baltimore, with which they have created a modern Globe theater that will combine the intimacy of a traditional Elizabethan playhouse with a contemporary sense of design and convenience.


Architect : Cho Benn Holback + Associates

Theatre Consultants : Theatre Consultants Collaborative, Inc.


Chesapeake Shakespeare Company

Client Comments

“As the person who really wanted your seats and had a lot of people on my project looking askance but taking it on faith that I knew what I was talking about, thank you for making me look smart. At the same time, your company looks great. First of all”no surprise–everyone really loves the comfort and efficiency of the seats. We had a group sitting in the seats last night and it was a pleasure to watch them not squirming around to get comfortable. Also, Kris was just terrific and impressed everyone with his dedication, hard work, and problem solving.”
– Lesley Malin (Managing Director)