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877-60-STAGE (877-60-78243)

Steeldeck® Portable Platform Rentals


What are your hours of operation?

Our warehouse is open from 8.00am to 4.00pm Monday through Friday.

Our office is open from 8.00am to 5:30pm Monday through Friday.

Please Note:  We can provide our Transport & Labor services outside of these hours but they must be scheduled in advance and overtime or premium rates may apply.  If you are handling the transportation of our product yourself, vehicles must arrive no later than 4.00pm for loading or unloading.  Please contact us to check schedule availability.

How do I place and reserve an order?

To place an order go to the Contact Us page and fill out the comprehensive order form or call 718-599-3700 (or toll free on 877-60-STAGE) and we will assist you.

If you would like to proceed with your order after receiving a quote you will ask you to provide the following paperwork:

1) Rental Agreement (signed)

2) Credit Card Authorization Form (completed)

3) Certificate of Insurance (With Steeldeck® NY Inc. listed as Additionally Insured for General Liability and Rented Equipment Coverage)

4) New York State Resale Certificate or Tax Exempt Form (if applicable)

You can submit this paperwork via email, or via our handy Sign & Rent system.  Please keep in mind it is completed paperwork which confirms & guarantees your order.

How much does a Steeldeck® platform weigh?

A typical 4’0 x 8’0 platform weighs 160lbs

For more comprehensive information please refer to our Rentals or Sales pages under “Platforms & Accessories”

What tools will I need if I am assembling these platforms myself?

We pride ourselves on a product that is very user friendly.  “Tool-less” assembly allows you to manually tighten the hand-knobs that lock the legs into the corner-posts as well as tightening the connecting nuts and bolts. However if you would like to use a tool for tightening the nuts and bolts we suggest a 11/16″ C-wrench or ratchet.

Please refer to our Instructional Videos for more details.

These videos guide you through assembly of many of our products including :

  • Attaching Legs to Steeldeck® Platforms
  • How To Use  Flanged/Shared Legs and Screwjacks for leveling
  • Attaching Guardrails To Steeldeck® Platforms
  • How to Attach Hook-On Metal Steps, Box Steps, and Handrails

What if I have questions about my order and need to talk to someone outside of normal operating hours?

No problem!  You can email either our Rental Manager, Alicia Thompson at or Director of Special Projects,  Alexandra Berch at  They will respond back you as soon as possible.

Our experienced staff is always happy to offer advice or technical information.

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