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Steeldeck® Portable Platform Rentals

Steeldeck® Platforms = The Industry Standard

Genuine Steeldeck® Platforms are the basic building blocks of the theater and entertainment industries, and have been supporting these industries for over 30 years. Steeldeck® platforms have been manufactured in Brooklyn since 2001 and carry the gold seal of approval from the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce.




A Steeldeck® platform has no moving parts, so maintenance is minimal. The tough steel frame is extremely durable and the plywood top can easily be replaced.


Steeldeck® platforms easily support the required 125lbs/ft2 load capacity, and the 4'0 x 8'0 platform weighs approximately 150lbs. Should you have any concerns regarding the weight you wish to apply to the platform, please ask, as these issues can be solved simply by using our 6 leg platform option with additional bracing or double skinning.


Steeldeck® platforms are incredibly simple and quick to build, saving time and money.


The steel frame can be powder coated any color to suit your venue, and special tops can be applied to the frame for a custom finish.


The modular design means that the same unit can be used to create a flat, tiered or raked stage just by changing the legs, which we can cut to suit your requirements. The addition of casters creates rolling risers and the addition of guardrails and steps addresses the safety and access aspects. Should you require your platform to be higher than 5'0, bracing may be required (dependent upon usage). For those high profile events, carpet, flooring, drape or fascia can easily be attached to the platforms to create a professional look.


The Steeldeck® platform is an environmentally friendly product.  It is manufactured here in Brooklyn, and along with its extraordinary longevity, our extensive range of sizes and shapes allow custom stages to be built without the use of additional lumber and supplies, which would inevitably be scrapped after the event.

Our experienced staff is always happy to offer advice or technical information.

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