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Steeldeck® Portable Platform Rentals

Gail Moorcroft

Vice President

Began her Steeldeck® education in London, England in 1994.  Became Rental Manager in 1995, built a fabulous client list, and then yearned for more excitement, better weather and yet more theatres, so left Blighty for the Big Apple in 2001.


Kristan Stone

Director of Design and Production

Kristan began manufacturing Steeldeck® in London in 1990, and is involved in the production, research and development of our staging systems.  He is very partial to antique motorbikes, and travels the world with them, to gather dust in new and more exotic climes.


Liv Odom

Fabrication Workshop Manager

Liv joined the Steeldeck® team in the Spring of 2018.  With extensive fabrication and installation experience she wields almighty power in the workshop and onsite.  Her love of efficient shop methods and training really have the team ruthlessly organized!


Taylor Tatom

Rental Manager

Taylor joined the Steeldeck® team in the Spring of 2022.  With a background in Production Design she started her Steeldeck® journey as a Production Assistant and after plying the team with home made cookies worked her way up to be our Rental Manager.  A menagerie of magical creatures surrounds her desk and a fluffy pencil topper bobs away merrily as she efficiently creates your rental orders.


Liam Martin

Production Assistant

Liam joined the Steeldeck® NY team in the Autumn of 2022.  With a BFA in Film Studies and a plethora of customer service experience, he is the first stop for all clients calling, emailing and visiting our Brooklyn office.  If you are lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time you will be serenaded by his fabulous falsetto as he whirls busily around Steeldeck® World.


Heriberto Flores

Head Carpenter

Heriberto ‘Berto’ Flores joined Steeldeck® in 2008.  He started in the rental department and is now our deck topping expert. He resides in “Berto’s Shop” (aka 143 Banker Street) and woe betide any team member who leaves decks or other equipment in his space……

Julius Ortiz

Fabrication Associate

Julius joined our Steeldeck® fabrication team in the Spring of 2017.  He eats, sleeps and breathes Steeldeck® insisting on having his breakfast and lunch supported by a Steeldeck® platform (of course).

Gerard Barrington

Fabrication Associate

Gerard has seemingly been a Steeldeck® fixture forever.  One of the (in)famous Barrington clan, he officially joined the Steeldeck® fabrication team in the Spring of 2022.  He is another ‘double threat’ as he is very handy when working with the Rental team.

Moulaye Sylla

Fabrication Associate

Moulaye joined the Steeldeck® fabrication team in the Winter of 2021.  He performs every task assigned to him with the rhythm of a dancer and consistently has a smile to share.

Antonio Castro

Rental Associate

Antonio started with the Steeldeck® rental team in the Summer of 2019, then had a brief hiatus (like a lot of us folk in the Entertainment Industry).  He then reappeared in the Summer of 2022.  We are very happy he came back to us as he organizes the warehouse with ruthless efficiency.


Chief of Security

Berry came to us in 2008.  He is extremely good at sleeping and staring at walls. He was a master at guarding all paperwork and the office with great attention to detail and has retired with Allan to Connecticut (to stare at trees instead of walls).


HR Director

Wythe came to us in 2008, and sadly left us in 2017.  She was very chatty and extremely good at catching mice. She was also a great escape artist and will be sorely missed, RIP our kittygirl.

Our experienced staff is always happy to offer advice or technical information.

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