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Park Avenue Armory

Steeldeck® platforms love all the venues they support, but the wonderful Park Avenue Armory’s Wade Thompson Drill Hall really has a special place in our heart as it shows what the product can achieve with a little vision from those creative folk.  From the “Tune In” Festival in February of 2011 & 2012, to Bill T. Jones’ Deep Blue Sea in 2021, via the stunning dance performances of Merce Cunningham, Shen Wei & Streb in 2011, the dramatic battle of Kasparov & Deep Blue in “The Machine” & the collaboration of Massive Attack vs Adam Curtis in 2013, the street dance depicting stories of social injustice of “FlexN” in 2014 & 2017, De Materie in 2016, the critically acclaimed “The Hairy Ape” in April 2017, Lorca’s classic tragedy Yerma in 2018, Antigone and the Lehman Trilogy in 2019, the Armory’s custom stock of Steeldeck® platforms and accessories were used to create stages and seating tiers which allowed audiences to sit comfortably and enjoy the ground breaking performances and the unique space.


Architect : Fisher Dachs Associates

The Hairy Ape : Photo Credit : Circe Hamilton
The Machine : Photo Credit : Stephanie Berger
FlexN : Photo Credit : Stephanie Berger

ARCO : Photo Credit : James Ewing


Park Avenue Armory


Client Comments

“Steeldeck is a valuable partner in helping me meet my seating and staging challenges. They have a great product and a dedicated, supportive staff who never disappoint me with their experience and advice. I can always count on them to help make my events a success.”

-Phil Hampton TD 2011-2013