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Park Avenue Armory

Steeldeck® platforms love all the venues they support, but the wonderful Park Avenue Armory’s Wade Thompson Drill Hall really has a special place in our heart as it shows what the product can achieve with a little vision from those creative folk. From the “Tune In” Festival in February of 2011 & 2012, to the critically acclaimed “The Hairy Ape” in April 2017, via the stunning dance performances of Merce Cunningham, Shen Wei & Streb in 2011, the dramatic battle of Kasparov & Deep Blue in “The Machine” & the collaboration of Massive Attack vs Adam Curtis in 2013, the street dance depicting stories of social injustice of “FlexN” in 2014 & 2017, the Armory’s custom stock of Steeldeck® platforms and accessories were used to create stages and seating tiers which allowed audiences to sit comfortably and enjoy the ground breaking performances and the unique space.


Architect : Fisher Dachs Associates

The Hairy Ape : Photo Credit : Circe Hamilton
The Machine : Photo Credit : Stephanie Berger
FlexN : Photo Credit : Stephanie Berger

ARCO : Photo Credit : James Ewing


Park Avenue Armory


Client Comments

“Steeldeck is a valuable partner in helping me meet my seating and staging challenges. They have a great product and a dedicated, supportive staff who never disappoint me with their experience and advice. I can always count on them to help make my events a success.”

-Phil Hampton TD 2011-2013