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The Singleton Theatre-Denver Center for the Performing Arts

Denver Center for the Performing Arts is one of the nation’s largest non-profit theatre organizations.  The Singleton Theatre (formerly known as The Ricketson Theatre) was originally built as an art film house, and has been used as a theatre since 1988.  Following a massive renovation, the space hosts DCPA Theatre Company’s world premiere plays, comedies, and dramas.  This intimate 200-seat proscenium theatre keeps the audience close enough to see every expression and detail.

During the 2020 renovation of the Singleton Theatre Steeldeck® installed the stage platforms.


Theatre Consultant: Theatre DNA


Photos Credit: Adams VisCom


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Client Comments

“Steeldeck® provided all of our theatrical staging for the Kilstrom, Wolf, and Singleton.  We love them, and their products!”

-Jeff Gifford
Director of Production
Denver Center for the Performing Arts