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Steeldeck® Portable Platform Rentals

Gail Moorcroft

Vice President

Began her Steeldeck® education in London, England in 1994. Rental Manager from 1995, built a fabulous client list, and then yearned for more excitement, better weather and yet more theatres, so left Blighty for the Big Apple in 2001.


Kristan Stone

Design and Production Manager

Kristan began manufacturing Steeldeck® in London in 1990, and is involved in the production, research and development of our staging systems. He is very partial to antique motorbikes, and travels the world with them, to gather dust in new and more exotic climes.


Jeremiah Brown

Workshop Production Manager

Jeremiah started his theater education as a very young chap, but after receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts he was lured away for a spell by architectural metal fabrication. Thankfully for Steeldeck®, he realized the error in his ways and has returned to his roots. He is extremely partial to all things metal and is a self proclaimed “machine nerd”.


Alexandra Berch

Rental Production Manager

Alex joined the Steeldeck® team in the Fall of 2015. With a BFA in Theater Design & Technology, and background in lighting she has many years experience in the industry, and her skills range from drafting to puppeteering to scenic construction (so being part of our team is a somewhat seamless transition!)


Amanda Tozzi

Production Assistant

Amanda joined the Steeldeck® family in the Fall of 2016.  She has a BSc in Theater and Anthropology and has extensive Stage Management experience.  Her self confessed “OCD” creates extremely tidy inboxes and she regularly talks to her monitor (however we are pretty sure she isn’t expecting a response).

Joshua Marmer

Administrative Associate

Josh joined the Steeldeck® team in the Fall of 2015. He has a BA in Theater and Psychology and since graduating has had a myriad of experience from advertising to theater. As a people person Josh has been adopted by Wythe, who demands his attention at regular intervals, so he can add cat wrangler to his variety of skills.


Allan Dias

Production Co-ordinator

Allan joined the Steeldeck® family at the end of 2007. He was a rather famous bass player, in his day, and therefore knows everyone there is to know in the music business. In his down time, he can be found running marathons or speeding around the tri-state area in one of his classic cars!


Darrell Donaldson

Warehouse Manager

Darrell joined Steeldeck® in the Spring of 2011. He is the master of the warehouse, and commands the platforms to stand to attention at all times. He is capable of falling asleep at a moments notice, but thankfully never in the middle of a fitup or in charge of the forklift.

Marcus Barrington

Production Supervisor

Marcus The Champ Barrington appeared on site in Union Square one day in the Spring of 2012, and joined in the fitup with the crew (who didn’t complain as he clearly knew what he was doing). He has been a integral member of the team ever since and is the smiliest member of the Steeldeck® family.

Richard Barrington

Warehouse Associate

Richard Barrington joined his brother on the Steeldeck® rental team in Spring 2015. He is also adept at assisting with manufacturing, so is often purloined by the fabrication team. Equally as smiley as his brother, he can be seen spinning around Greenpoint on his scooter.

Jonathan Diaz

Warehouse Associate

Jonathan joined Steeldeck® in the Spring of 2016. He is the youngest member of the team but has the great responsibility of taking care of the rental forklift.  He can be heard around Greenpoint alerting passers-by tooting its tuneful horn.

Heriberto Flores

Head Carpenter

Heriberto ‘Berto’ Flores joined Steeldeck® in 2008. He started in the rental department and is now our deck topping expert. He resides in “Berto’s Shop” (aka 143 Banker Street) and woe betide any team member who leaves decks or other equipment in his space……

Samuel Stephens

Fabrication Associate

Samuel joined our Steeldeck® manufacturing team in the Summer of 2010. He is the strong silent type, and has a nickname among the ranks of “Berry II”.

Julius Ortiz

Fabrication Associate

Julius is the newest member of the Steeldeck® fabrication team, joining us in the Spring of 2017.  He eats, sleeps and breathes Steeldeck® insisting on having his breakfast and lunch supported by a Steeldeck® platform (of course).


Chief of Security

Berry came to us in 2008. He is extremely good at sleeping and staring at walls. He also likes to attack his sister for no apparent reason.


HR Director

Wythe came to us in 2008, and sadly left us in 2017. She was very chatty and extremely good at catching mice. She was also a great escape artist and will be sorely missed, RIP our kittygirl.

Our experienced staff is always happy to offer advice or technical information.

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