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Steeldeck® Portable Platform Rentals



  • Legs are supplied in galvanized 1 ½” steel pipe with a black plastic insert to protect the floor.
  • Standard Legs: Sizes up to 4'0 in height come free of charge with the deck you rent from us.
  • Stock sizes are in 6", 7" and 8" increments.
  • Flanged legs : Can be provided to share platforms, essential on uneven ground, or building a high stage which requires bracing.
  • Special Legs : Any size of leg can be cut for your project.
  • Angled legs can be provided to create a raked stage.
Carrying WeightLoad Capacity
2.7 lbs per foot6000 lbs


  • All stages over 4'0 high must be braced
  • We stock a range of steel bracing
  • All the necessary clips are available to rent
  • We provide an in-house design service
  • Access to structural engineering support and advice
  • Show us your staging requirements and well design your bracing suitable for your requirements
BracingCarrying WeightLoad Capacity
Pipe2.7 lbs per foot6000 lbs
Fixed Clip2.5 lbs1500 lbs
Swivel Clip3.5 lbs1500 lbs

Our experienced staff is always happy to offer advice or technical information.

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