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Steeldeck® Portable Platform Rentals



  • The standard caster comes with an 8" diameter wheel and a spigot which sleeves neatly into a scaffold pipe
  • This allows adjustment of the height of your rolling riser from about 16 ½” upwards
  • Used in conjunction with the flanged leg system you can effectively create rolling risers of any size or shape
  • Smaller casters are also offered, to create 12" rolling risers
Carrying WeightLoad Capacity


  • For working outside on uneven ground
  • When dealing with varying floor levels indoors or out
  • Steeldeck® supplies screwjacks in both small and large sizes from stock
  • The flanged leg eliminates the need for more than one leg where decks meet and one screwjack therefore offers simple height adjustment
HeightCarrying WeightLoad Capacity
1'05 lbs2000 lbs
2'08 lbs2000 lbs

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